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Man on Hunger Strike over Propecia Sexual Side Effects

Man on Hunger Strike over Propecia Sexual Side Effects

May 21, 2012 — Kevin Malley wants the world to know that Propecia and Proscar side effects can have a devastating effect on a man’s psychological and physical health. To prove his point, he is in Week 2 of a hunger strike outside the headquarters of Merck, the pharmaceutical company responsible for Propecia and Proscar. Both drugs contain finasteride, an ingredient that the FDA has recently warned may cause persistent libido disorders, ejaculation disorders, orgasm disorders, and other sexual side effects.

Mr. Malley has recently been joined by friends and family of Randy Santman, who committed suicide at the age of 22 after suffering erectile dysfunction after taking Propecia.

Mr. Malley, a 30 year-old man from Las Vegas, started the hunger strike on May 13, 2012, and is asking Merck to immediately recall Propecia. He claims that the drug has ruined his life. He says that his fiancee broke off their engagement after she learned that his sexual dysfunction appeared to be permanent. He began seeking information on online forums, where hundreds of other men around the world have gathered to share information about Propecia side effects.

In well-controlled scientific studies, the risk of sexual side effects appeared to be small. Merck warned of these side effects in the labeling, but assured men that once the drugs were stopped, the sexual problems would correct themselves. Instead, after millions of men used Propecia or Proscar, they found that their sexual dysfunction did not resolve when they stopped taking the drugs.

For some, the side effects even grew worse. In a condition that men are calling Post-Finasteride Syndrome, in the weeks after stopping Propecia or Proscar, the balance of hormones is severely disrupted.

Hundreds of men have reported their side effects to the FDA. Many men who have suffered from side effects are calling on Merck to conduct additional studies to find out if there is a cure for their disorder. At this point, Merck has not indicated that it has any intention of conducting additional studies.

Some men who have suffered the consequences of finasteride are now contacting a Propecia lawyer to seek financial compensation and justice for their injury. Many of these men are angry that Merck had information about the risk of long-term side effects, and updated the label in Europe, but waited two years to make the same updates in the United States. It is unknown how many men used Propecia during that time and suffered severe, permanent side effects.

If you have been injured by Propecia or Proscar, it is possible that you could be eligible for financial compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost income, and more.

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