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Mexican Salad Imports Resume After Cyclospora Outbreak

Mexican Salad Imports Resume After Cyclospora Outbreak

August 27, 2013 — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that Taylor Farms de Mexico, an American-based company that operates salad processing facilities in Mexico, has resumed operations and shipment of salad into the United States. Just weeks ago, on August 9, the company ceased operations after they were pinpointed in an outbreak of Cyclospora food poisoning.

FDA investigators, with the cooperation of Mexican government authorities, conducted an assessment of one processing facility and five farms identified in the Cyclospora outbreak. According to the FDA:

“From August 11-19, 2013 … The team found that conditions and practices observed at these facilities at the time of the assessment were in accordance with known food safety protocols.”

The most recent illness in the Cyclospora food poisoning outbreak occurred on July 2, which is more than five weeks before the FDA investigated the Mexican facilities and farms. Taylor Farms has agreed to implement a comprehensive testing program to sample produce for Cyclospora on leafy greens, salad mix, and components of salad mix.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported at least 610 illnesses in 22 states in the outbreak. Health officials in Iowa and Nebraska linked over 80% of cases in their state to the same pre-packaged salad mix imported by Taylor Farms and sold at Olive Garden and Red Lobster. However, hundreds of illnesses in other states have not been linked to the same product.

Unfortunately, normal sanitation methods used in food service are not very effective at destroying Cyclospora cayetanensis. The single-celled parasite is rather hardy, especially in its immature non-infectious oocyst stage, and it is very good at sticking to fresh produce. The best way to prevent Cyclospora is to avoid food or water that may be contaminated with feces. Large outbreaks are believed to occur when water contaminated with sewage is sprayed on fields or used to wash fresh produce during processing.

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