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Oil & Gas Royalty Underpayment Lawsuit

Are You Being Unfairly Compensated?

Oil and Gas Royalty Underpayment Lawsuits — In an era of unprecedented profits within the oil and gas industry, the American royalty owner is still very much at risk of being unfairly compensated by the Operators and Producers who routinely fail to pay fair royalties.

Sometimes Producers make underpayments to royalty owners simply because of the complexities involved in today’s oil and gas leases and related agreements. However, often Producers blatantly fail to pay fair royalties. In either case, the royalty owner has a legal claim for compensation.

Producers have a responsibility to behave as a “reasonably prudent operator” under all circumstances. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the Producers fail to obey many express and implied covenants in their leases, operating agreements, and unit agreements, which may ultimately result in gross underpayments being made to the royalty owner.

When producers fail to act as a “reasonably prudent operator,” the following catastrophic consequences may occur:

  • royalties worth thousands or millions of dollars go unpaid;
  • mineral estates are depleted, wasted or destroyed;
  • surface estates are damaged or polluted beyond remediation; and
  • incestuous marketing arrangements (whereby, for example, a producer cheaply sells to itself the mineral estate’s valuable production) burden mineral estates for decades.

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