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Crestor Lawsuit


Crestor side effects include cardiomyopathy, heart problems, kidney damage, Type-2 Diabetes, and more. Most of these conditions are chronic, requiring lifelong care and expensive, stressful medical treatment. In rare cases, they can also lead to life-threatening complications.

UPDATE: Diabetes Risk Increases with Higher Doses of Statins

July 24, 2014 — Diabetes Care has published a study linking higher rates of type-2 diabetes with higher doses of cholesterol-lowering statins. Patients who took the highest doses were 32% more likely to develop new-onset diabetes. Click here to read more.

June 12, 2014 — A study published in the British Medical Journal has linked the use of high-potency statins with a 9% increased risk of diabetes compared to low-potency statins. Click here to read more.

June 5, 2014 — AstraZeneca and McKesson Corp. have been hit with a lawsuit (PDF) filed by a group of twelve people who allege that Crestor caused them to develop type-2 diabetes. Click here to read more.

September 23, 2013 — Study links Crestor and other statins to a 9-27% increased risk of cataracts. Longer use of the drugs is associated with a higher risk of cataracts. Click here to read more.

June 11, 2013 — A study published in the British Medical Journal has linked “high-potency” Crestor to a 34% increased risk of kidney damage than “low-potency” statins. Click here to read more.

Crestor Overview

Crestor (rosuvastatin) is a prescription medication used to lower cholesterol. It is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company AstaZeneca and was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2003 for the treatment of high cholesterol.



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