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DMAA Lawsuit Filed After Military Bans Sale

DMAA Lawsuit Filed After Military Bans Sale

January 3, 2011 — The regulatory status and safety of DMAA has come under renewed scrutiny, after the U.S. Department of Defense banned sales of the drug on military bases. The drug has been found in the bloodstream of soldiers who have collapsed, suffered heart attacks, and died. Several people have filed a DMAA lawsuit, alleging that the products are not safe.

The most recent lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in the Central District of California against USPLabs, the makers of OxyELITE Pro and Jack3d. The complaint argues that the dietary supplements contain drugs “in a synthetic form that is both illegal and dangerous.”

DMAA is listed on ingredient labels as 1,3-dimethylamylamine, Methylhexaneamine, MHA, or “geranium extract.” It is marketed as a dietary supplement to enhance energy, promote weight-loss, and as a pre-workout booster. It is also used as a party pill. It is a stimulant drug with compounds similar to amphetamines and ephedrine, but weaker.

The FDA has not yet acted to review the matter, though some groups have recently called upon the federal agency to act, especially in light of increasing adverse event reports. In January 2012, “party pills” containing DMAA were found in the bloodstream of a New Zealand man who suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died.

The drug used to be labeled as “geranium oil” or an extract of the geranium plant, but the American Herbal Products Association has found that this claim is not scientifically valid. There is no credible evidence linking DMAA to any natural source. The association told its members that they should not label DMAA products as a geranium-based product after January 13, 2012. Health associations in Canada have banned the sale and importation of the supplement.

The World Anti-Doping Agency lists DMAA as a prohibited stimulant in competition.

The U.S. Defense Department ordered an end to on-base sales of products containing DMAA, after two soldiers using the drug had heart attacks during physical training. In addition, three soldiers and two Marines collapsed during heavy exercise. The ban is a precautionary measure, because there have been no scientific studies linking the drug to serious, adverse side effects.

The Department of Defense based its decision on evidence that the product causes changes in blood pressure, headaches, light-headedness, stroke, depression, irregular heartbeat, dehydration, tremors, and lethal exhaustion.

Products containing DMAA include:

  • USPlabs Jack3d (Tropical Fruit and Lemon Lime)
  • USPlabs Oxy Elite Pro
  • Nutrex Lipo 6 Black Caps (his and hers)
  • Nutrex Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrated (his and hers)
  • Nutrex Hemo Rage Black Powder (Punch and Berry)
  • Isatori PWR
  • Muscletech Neurocore
  • Muscletech Hydroxyslim
  • Fahrenheit Nutrition Lean EFX
  • Muscle Warfare Napalm
  • All American Efx K-Otic
  • SNI Nitric Blast
  • BIORhythm SSIN Juice
  • Muscle Meds Code Red
  • SEI MethylHex (4 and 2)
  • Grenade (universal) Grenade
  • M.A.P. (iovate) Arson
  • Gaspari Nutrition Spirodex

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