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Donations and Help Needed for West, Texas Disaster Relief

April 29, 2013 — The April 17 explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas occurred just two days after terrorists detonated a pressure-cooker bomb at the finish-line of the Boston Marathon. While media coverage of the Boston bombing was almost nonstop, the explosion in West was given only cursory coverage. As a result, donations for West have totaled only about $1 million, while more than $26 million has been donated to the Boston bombing victims. Although both incidents were devastating tragedies, the tragedy in West resulted in far more deaths, injuries, and property damage.

“We’ve been greatly overshadowed by the Boston tragedy,” said Dan Ford, head of the McLennan County Salvation Army, “We need help.”

It is likely that some of the damage in West will be covered by insurance. Unfortunately, the Insurance Council of Texas estimates that the cost of property damage alone may exceed $100 million. Payouts from insurance companies could take quite some time, and it is likely that many people will be forced to pay out-of-pocket for food, shelter, transportation, finding work, medical care, and future costs to rebuild.

How to help the West, Texas relief effort:

The City of West has been overwhelmed by donations of goods that have poured into the city. Although they continue to express their extreme gratitude for the kindness of people who are willing to help, they are asking that people stop bringing unrequested goods because they have nowhere to store them, and volunteers do not have the time to sort through boxes of goods. Instead, they are asking people to consider making a financial donation to help with the cost of disaster relief and rebuilding.

Donations for West, Texas are being accepted through:

The state legislature of Texas has also approved $2 million in disaster relief, as part of an $875 million spending package. Lawmakers considered a $60 million proposal to increase training and resources for volunteer firefighters around the state, but it was struck down after lawmakers determined that the only way to fund the measure was by cutting funding for programs that feed low-income children.

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