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Fitbit Force Lawsuit Filed in Pennsylvania


April 9, 2014 — Fitbit Inc. has been hit with a lawsuit from a Pennsylvania woman who says the Fitbit Force fitness wristband may have scarred her for life, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Plaintiff Erin Clark wore the activity-tracking wristband day and night, except in the shower, as recommended. A week later, a small abrasion formed on one wrist. She decided to switch wrists and only wore it at night. The first abrasion got worse and started blistering, and a second abrasion grew on her other wrist.

Clark says she spent about $150 on several doctors’ visits and prescriptions for cortisone cream, steroid cream, and antibiotics. After several weeks, the rash dissipated, but she still has redness on her wrist that her doctor says will probably go away.

Clark contacted Fitbit to complain, but was given only generic responses. She was finally contacted by Fitbit in March when the company issued a recall and offered a refund.

Instead of taking the refund, Clark contacted a lawyer. She is suing Fitbit for negligence and failure to properly warn consumers about safety issues. She says Fitbit still has not given a clear answer as to what caused the skin reactions.

Fitbit said it the problem is contact dermatitis, possibly from nickel, adhesives, or other materials in the wristband. However, Clark says that she has worn nickel wristwatches before without any problem.

Approximately 1 million Fitbit Force wristbands were sold in the United States and Canada. At least 250 people have developed blisters after wearing the wristband, and more than 10,000 developed skin irritation.


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