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Janssen Faces More Invokana Kidney Failure Lawsuits

Janssen Faces More Invokana Kidney Failure Lawsuits

March 13, 2016 — A growing number of lawsuits involving Invokana accuse Janssen Pharmaceuticals of downplaying the risk of kidney failure.

The label on Invokana merely indicates that a “possible side effect” of Invokana is “kidney problems.” Lawyers say these warnings are inadequate because they do not specifically address the risk of kidney failure or the extent of the risk associated with Invokana.

On February 29, a lawsuit (PDF) was filed in federal court in California by Lois Furlow. She started taking Invokana in April 2014 and was hospitalized with acute kidney injury and kidney failure in March 2015.

Another lawsuit (PDF) was filed on February 19 in federal court in Kentucky. The plaintiff, Rose Adye, began taking Invokana in November 2014. In February 2015, she was hospitalized with kidney failure. According to the lawsuits:

“Invokana is unreasonably dangerous and defective as formulated, putting consumers, including Plaintiff, at an unreasonable risk of suffering injury and death.”

When Invokana was approved in March 2013, it was the first drug to control diabetes by inhibiting a kidney protein called SGLT2 inhibitor. Invokana forces the kidneys to remove more sugar from the body in urine, which helps prevent hyperglycemia but also increases the risk of kidney problems.

The FDA has reported cases of kidney failure in patients who developed severe urinary infections on SGLT2 inhibitors. Urinary infections and dehydration — two of the most common side effects of Invokana — can both decrease kidney function or lead to kidney failure.

Kidney problems are also a risk-factor for ketoacidosis, another severe side effect of Invokana. When the kidneys are not cleaning the blood, toxic acids accumulate very quickly. Ketoacidosis also exacerbates fluid loss. In patients who are very dehydrated, ketoacidosis can occur in just a few hours.

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