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Lumber Liquidators Hit With Class Actions in Nevada


March 20, 2015 — Several class action lawsuits have been filed in Nevada against Lumber Liquidators, accusing the company of selling Chinese-made laminate floors with dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

One class action was filed by Rosie Oakes, a woman who blames the floors for causing health problems in herself, her husband, and her dog. She suffers from chronic watery eyes and her husband developed respiratory problems and coughing.

Formaldehyde is a carcinogen (cancer-causing) chemical that is known to cause breathing problems.

According to 13 Action News, she installed nearly 700 feet of the flooring without using a respirator mask because she was never told to use one.

After paying $1,700 to buy the floors, she now wants Lumber Liquidators to help. She says:

“I don’t want to live there, breathing this, day after day. I want them to do something about it and I want them to do it today.”

Another family in Las Vegas has also filed a class action, according to 8 News Now. Noah Bennett and his wife, Rosanna, installed laminate wood floors from Lumber Liquidators as a do-it-yourself project. Before they could finish, the family developed health problems.

According to Mr. Bennett:

“As a consumer you try and go out and purchase stuff for your home to make it beautiful, and you find out in the long run, that it could possibly be bad for you. … A couple of days later, Rosonna got sick. She had bronchitis and stuff and then a couple days later I got sick with the same kind of stuff, and it was really just sitting in the house.”


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