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Medaus Pharmacy Recalls Injections for Sterility Issues

September 5, 2013 — Medaus Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy located in Birmingham, Alabama, is voluntarily recalling certain injection medicines because they cannot confirm the products are sterile. Patients who are exposed to contaminated injection medications can develop life-threatening infections, including fungal meningitis. No injuries have been reported, and the recall is being issued “out of an abundance of caution.”

Medaus Pharmacy issued this statement in a press release

“Though Medaus received test results indicating that these lots met all safety standards, they are being recalled because the independent testing lab’s sterility testing practices as applied to these lots indicate that the product’s sterility cannot be confirmed.”

Medicines included in the recall were sold from March 12 until July 22, 2013 throughout the United States. Medaus is notifying customers who purchased the products about the recall.

Products involved in the recall include:

Product Name Lot # Expiry
Testosterone CYP 200 mg/mL 130508-1 11/16/2013
Lipo injection with lidocaine 130510-26 11/16/2013
Lipo injection with lidocaine 130610-24 12/7/2013
Taurine 50 mg/mL PF 130618-64 12/15/2013
L-Glutathione 200 mg/mL 130617-10 12/14/2013
Pyridoxine HCl 100 mg/mL NS PF 130531-31 11/27/2013
Magnesium CHI 200 mg/mL 130307-60 9/3/2013
Sodium ascorbate 500 mg/mL PF 130702-1 12/29/2013
Lipo injection with lidocaine 130709-68 1/5/2014
Sodium ascorbate 500 mg/mL non- corn PF 130613-8 12/10/2013

Compounding pharmacies manufacture custom medications for individual patients after receiving a prescription from a doctor. In recent years, large outbreaks of infections have been linked to compounded medicine that was mass-produced and contaminated with fungus or bacteria.

People who receive contaminated injections can develop life-threatening bloodstream infections, sepsis, fungal meningitis, and other serious complications. In 2012, an outbreak of fungal meningitis injured 750 and killed 63 people in 20 states. The outbreak was linked to a fungus that contaminated methylprednisolone acetate, a spinal injection commonly used to treat back pain.

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