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Mirena IUD Lawsuit Filed in New Jersey


December 4, 2012 — A woman from Florida has filed a lawsuit after suffering severe, debilitating injuries after being implanted with the Mirena IUD birth control. The woman, Betsey Landers, required laparoscopic surgery to remove Mirena after it migrated from its intended position and perforated her uterus. The lawsuit alleges that Bayer did not warn doctors or the public about the serious risks of spontaneous uterine perforation and other Mirena side effects.

According to the complaint, Landers was implanted with the IUD in 2008. She began experiencing pelvic pain in July 2010 and was unable to locate the threads that are normally used to remove Mirena. Doctors were also unable to locate the IUD using an ultrasound. In December 2010, Landers required laparoscopic surgery to remove Mirena.

Landers alleges that Mirena migrated from its original location, perforated her uterus, and caused her to suffer severe pain, emotional trauma, and permanent injuries.

Bayer is facing 16 other lawsuits from women who were injured by Mirena. In August, Bayer requested that a federal judicial panel centralize the litigation in one federal court in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL). The company indicated that they expect the number of cases to grow because multiple law firms are accepting cases from women who were injured by Mirena.

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