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Residents of West, Texas Band Together After Explosion

April 22, 2013 — Officials have confirmed that 14 people perished in the explosion at the West Fertilizer Co. fertilizer plant in West, Texas. Of those who died, a majority were first-responders who were selflessly fighting the initial fire at the plant before the explosion or evacuating residents. Governor Rick Perry visited the disaster scene and said, “No doubt, there is a lot of work that lies ahead and the road to recovery is long. But this community will come together, this community will mourn and this community will rebuild.”

The small, close-knit town of West is home to about 2,800 people has a deep Czech heritage. Donations have been pouring in to a donation center. Nearly 300 people showed up to volunteer by 11 a.m. on Saturday, and 1,000 to 1,500 showed up the day before to sort through boxes of donations. Therapy dogs were also on site to help comfort victims.

Members of the First Baptist Church gathered in a hayfield for worship on Sunday. The church was damaged in the blast and is located in an area of town that is still locked down, with no one allowed inside. Pastor John Crowder gave an emotional sermon from a makeshift pulpit. “We have more questions than answers,” he said, “We have lost so many of our friends and neighbors.” Indeed, many people are questioning how this disaster could have happened, when West Fertilizer said there was no risk of explosion.

The church said that they have been overwhelmed by offers to help, and they have vowed to be a major force in rebuilding the community. Volunteers have established a laundry, shower unit, child care, and more. They are now seeking financial contributions and gift cards to help in the rebuilding process.

Many residents who were evacuated are staying in hotels, with family, or friends. Authorities began allowing some residents into the area on Saturday. Those who have been allowed in are under a curfew and strict warnings not to wander beyond their own yards. However, residents whose homes were badly damaged or destroyed still have not been allowed into the neighborhood.

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