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Tattoo Ink Infection Class Action Lawsuit Filed in California


December 3, 2014 — A class action lawsuit has been filed in California by two people who developed severe tattoo infections after using bad ink from White & Blue Lion, Inc.

Courthouse News reports that plaintiffs Kristine Murray and Jack Bradley filed the lawsuit in California.

Bradley, an experienced tattoo artist, purchased the ink from and used the do-it-yourself kits to give himself a tattoo on the leg and Murray a tattoo on her ankle on July 7.

For the next three days, both developed excruciating pain, their skin became red and hot, and they were unable to walk. Open sores, scabs, and blisters developed and persisted for weeks. As their skin rejected the ink, the appearance of the tattoos worsened.

Murray and Bradley were forced to seek emergency medical attention and take antibiotics. Even so, according to the complaint, they are “permanently damaged and scarred from the contaminated ink and needles.”

According to the Springfield News-Leader, the plaintiffs are seeking over $75,000 in damages and accuse White & Blue Lion of negligence for selling bad ink.

In August 2014, the FDA warned that unopened vials of tattoo ink from White & Blue Lion tested positive for bacterial contamination. The agency warned about the risk of sepsis, a blood infection that can be fatal.


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