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Testopel Lawsuit


If you or a man you know had a heart attack, stroke, or died after using Testopel (testosterone pellets), you are not alone.

What is Testopel?

Testopel (testosterone pellet) is marketed as a safe and effective alternative to topical testosterone treatments, which can rub off on women and children and cause adverse effects. Testopel, manufactured by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, is implanted under the skin, where it releases testosterone for 3-4 months.

Testopel and “Low T”

Testopel is approved to treat male hypogonadism (low testosterone), which can cause symptoms like fatigue, sexual dysfunction, reduced muscle mass, and more. These symptoms are unpleasant, but they are not life-threatening. Unfortunately, studies have linked Testopel and deadly side effects like heart attack, stroke, and pulmonary embolism.

Testopel Linked to Heart Attack, Stroke, and Death

Evidence linking Testopel and heart problems has been growing for years. One of the first studies of testosterone in older men was halted in 2009 after there were 500% more cardiovascular events in patients on testosterone. Since 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been investigating studies linking testosterone and heart attack, stroke, and death.

FDA Adds Heart Attack, Stroke Warnings to Testosterone Products

March 3, 2015 — In a Safety Communication, the FDA is asking manufacturers of testosterone replacement products to stop marketing them for the treatment of age-related “Low T,” add warnings about heart attacks and strokes, and start studying the long-term risks. Click here to read more.

Testopel Risks & Complications

When your doctor prescribed Testopel, you were probably informed of the risk of blood clots. Testosterone increases the number of red blood cells, which can elevate blood pressure, thicken the blood, and cause blood clotting. The problem is that blood clots can travel in the body, get stick in vital organs, and cause deadly complications.

Testopel risks and complications:


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