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Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Disputes frequently arise in the transfer, use, or construction of any real-property interest. Landlords and tenants disagree about the use of the leasehold estate, or about each other’s obligations under the lease. Vendors and purchasers of land frequently clash over hidden, unknown, or undiscovered conditions on the land that become important after the land is sold; also, they battle over the land’s ultimate sales price, their competing obligations for taxes, and their obligations to obtain (or to accept) financing necessary for the sale. Contractors and building owners (or home owners) often collide over the value, quality, and timeliness of constructions or refurbishments.

Real estate litigation is a minefield for the inexperienced – only seasoned attorneys, using surgical precision and drawing on vast experience, can avoid the many dangers when representing a plaintiff or defendant in a real estate case. A successful resolution to a real estate dispute demands innovative thinking, stamina, sensitivity to each case’s peculiarities, and experience – but mostly experience. The Schmidt Firm, PLLC has the right stuff – namely, the experience – to resolve successfully real estate disputes. When appropriate, we will counsel in favor of resolution, compromise and cost savings. Also, when appropriate, we will counsel in favor of relentless (but smart) litigation tactics right through a summary-judgment hearing or jury trial.

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