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WEN Hair Loss



Sold on TV by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, WEN hair products claim to be a healthy alternative free of harsh chemicals. Unfortunately, many women have experienced severe hair loss that continued for weeks after they stopped using WEN.

Overview: Hair Loss

Hair loss can be physically disfiguring, emotionally traumatic, and extremely expensive and time-consuming to treat. For most women, hair is an expression of personality that is intertwined with ideas of body image and self-esteem. Women with severe hair loss may feel social anxiety or painful feelings every time they look in a mirror. This can negatively impact quality of life.

Hair Loss Prevention

The best way to promote hair growth is to practice healthy hare care habits at home. It is important to wash your hair regularly, but frequent washing can damage hair. After the hair is washed and rinsed, apply a conditioner to help keep it soft.

Be sure not to rub your hair as it rinses or dries, as this can cause damage. Drying the hair slowly, and without a hot air-dryer if possible, can also help avoid breakage.

Styling is another important part of preventing hair loss. It is important to avoid vigorous brushing. Use a wide-toothed comb to untangle wet hair. Only brush your hair when styling, and only after it has dried. Avoid hairstyles that pull at the hair and scalp.

Treatment for Hair Loss

The best strategy for treating hair loss depends on where it has occurred and how much hair has been lost. Some of the most common techniques for managing it include:

  • Hair coloring: Professional coloring using a slightly darker shade can help hide hair loss and make hair look fuller and thicker.
  • Styling: Haircuts with layers and full styles can add volume, maximize hair coverage, and camouflage bald spots. Avoid using heavy styling products like gel.
  • Toupee-style hair pieces: Good options for women with baldness or very thin hair on top of the head.
  • Hair extensions: Another option for women who want to replace lost hair or add length to regular hair. Extensions can also be added as “filler” underneath the outer layer of hair.
  • Wig: Women with very severe hair loss may also consider wearing a full wig made of natural hair. There is a huge range of head coverings.

WEN Hair Loss “Destroyed My Life”

WEN is marketed as a “natural” sulfate-free hair care product that combines the powers of shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and strengthen hair. Unfortunately, many women say it causes severe hair loss. According to one negative review posted online and featured in The Daily Beast:

“I was a professional model with beautiful long natural hair. After using this product my scalp and face broke out in boils and my hair fell out in chunks. This shampoo destroyed my life.”

WEN Hair Loss Class Action Lawsuit

In July 2014, a class action was filed by Amy Friedman, a woman who paid $29.95 for WEN Cleansing Conditioner in “Sweet Almond Mint.” Friedman experienced severe hair loss after using the product for only two weeks. Hair loss continued for another three weeks after she stopped using it. She lost up to a third of her hair and had to use hair extensions and take vitamins to re-grow her hair.

Other class actions and individual lawsuits (PDF) have been filed by women who experienced severe hair loss after using WEN. Our attorneys are reviewing cases involving:

  • Severe hair damage
  • Thinning hair
  • Hair loss
  • Hair discoloration
  • Visible bald spots
  • Baldness
  • Hair breakage
  • Scalp irritation
  • Rash


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