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Lovastatin Found in Doctor’s Best Red Yeast Rice Supplements

Lovastatin Found in Doctor’s Best Red Yeast Rice Supplements

June 25, 2014 — Doctor’s Best is voluntarily recalling Red Yeast Rice supplements because they contain lovastatin, a prescription statin that is used to lower cholesterol levels.

Federal law prohibits pharmaceutical drug ingredients in dietary supplements. The label on Doctor’s Best Red Yeast Rice did not declare lovastatin, which could mislead consumers into believing it is “all-natural.”

Lovastatin is sold under the brand-name Mevacor by Merck & Co. It is Pregnancy Category X, which means studies in humans or animals have linked it to an increased risk of birth defects and these risks outweigh any benefit for the mother. Like all statins, lovastatin carries a risk of muscle injury, which in some cases can lead to a life-threatening kidney disorder called rhabdomyolysis.

The FDA warned in a Safety Communication:

“Consumers who use supplements found to contain lovastatin in rare cases could result in serious muscle injury; particularly if taking with prescription “statins” such as lovastatin, simvastatin, or atorvastatin. Pregnant women could theoretically put their unborn child at risk by using this product with undeclared lovastatin. Patients with pre-existing liver disease may be at an increase risk for liver injury following chronic use of statins.”

What Products Were Recalled?

Doctor’s Best is recalling lot 3121005 (7379 bottles) of Red Yeast Rice dietary supplement, 600 mg Capsules, 120-count bottles. The products have an orange flip-top lid, UPC code 753950001183, and an expiration date of February 2017. They were sold nationwide and marketed for lowering cholesterol levels.

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