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Nude Photos Found in Raid of USC Gynecologist Storage Unit

Nude Photos Found in Raid of USC Gynecologist Storage Unit

UPDATE: A new law in California gives women until the end of 2020 to file independent sex abuse lawsuits against USC’s former gynecologist George Tyndall. Click here to read more.

December 12, 2018 — A trove of photographs of naked women in what appeared to be an exam room were discovered when LAPD investigators raided a storage unit belonging to George Tyndall, a former gynecologist at the University of California (USC) who is accused of sexually abusing hundreds of women.

The Los Angeles Police Department is in the midst of investigating the largest sex crimes investigation ever involving a single person.

At least 234 women have filed police reports claiming they were sexually abused by Tyndall during gynecological exams at USC.

Police discovered the photos after Tyndall drove to a self-storage facility and spent time inside a rental unit. Many of the photos are decades old, and police are trying to determine if women in the photos were students who were photographed during gynecological exams.

Tyndall claims that he only photographed women for legitimate medical purposes, but he was forced to stop routinely using a camera after complaints about inappropriate photography in the 1990s.

USC allowed Tyndall to continue working as a gynecologist at the student health clinic for 27 years, until he was finally reported to the campus rape center and investigators unearthed dozens of complaints about sexually inappropriate behavior, including the photography.

Administrators also found a box of photos of patients’ genitals in Tyndall’s office 2 years ago, just before he was forced out of the clinic.

USC recently agreed to pay $215 million to settle a proposed class action in federal court over Tyndall’s alleged behavior. At leas another 65 individual lawsuits have been filed in state court against USC by Tyndall’s patients.

One lawsuit was filed by Joanna Massey, a USC sorority alumna who claims that Tyndall forced her to spread her vagina while he photographed her, claiming he was looking for vaginal warts. She also claims that Tyndall told her that he collected photos of other sorority girls’ vaginas.

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