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Over 700 Roundup Lawsuits Question Cancer Risks

Over 700 Roundup Lawsuits Question Cancer Risks

March 30, 2017 — Lawyers have filed over 700 lawsuits for people with lymphoma who used the weed-killer Roundup. The newest cases hit an ad agency that downplayed safety risks.

The ad agency is Osborn & Barr, the company Monsanto paid to advertise Roundup as “safer than table salt” and “practically non-toxic” for decades. New York banned the misleading ads in the 1990s.

Osborn & Barr is based in St. Louis, Missouri, where most of the lawsuits involving Roundup are currently pending. The ad agency was named on a group of 136 lawsuits after escaping scrutiny until now.

Monsanto is accused of downplaying the risks of developing cancer from Roundup, the most widely-used pesticide in the world. Most of the lawsuits were filed in St. Louis by a Missouri-based law firm on behalf of people with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

Monsanto is also facing at least 55 Roundup lawsuits in a federal court in Northern California — Roundup MDL No. 2741.

Monsanto says Roundup does not cause cancer, but safety concerns have grown steadily since the weed-killing chemical glyphosate was declared a “probable human carcinogen” by the cancer-research division of the World Health Organization in March 2015.

That conclusion was based on studies showing higher rates of lymphoma among farm-workers in the United States, Canada, and Sweden who used glyphosate-based herbicides on crops.

Some experts are also demanding a new safety investigation. In an editorial published in the British Medical Journal, researchers warned:

Current safety standards for [glyphosate based herbicides] are outdated and may fail to protect public health or the environment.”

The researchers noted that the use of Roundup has increased 100-fold over the last 40 years. Although technology has advanced significantly and 1,500 studies on glyphosate were published in the last 10 years alone, 73% of studies the EPA used to determine the cancer risks of Roundup were published before 1985. Only 11 of those studies were published in peer-reviewed journals.

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