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FDA Closes Roos Foods Cheese Factory After Listeria Outbreak

FDA Closes Roos Foods Cheese Factory After Listeria Outbreak

March 12, 2014 — Roos Foods, a producer of Central American-style soft and hard cheeses, has been closed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) following an outbreak of Listeria linked to one death in California and 7 food poisonings in Maryland.

The CDC outbreak investigation found evidence of unsanitary conditions, including:

  • Roof leaking so badly it was “raining” water on storage tanks and cheese processing equipment.
  • Standing water on the floor next to vats of cheese in the cheese curd processing room.
  • Rusting metal flaking off the metal roof and ceiling, impossible to sanitize.
  • Supposedly “clean” equipment had food residue.
  • Storage tanks for milk were uncapped, which could allow contamination.
  • Deteriorating walls, floors, and equipment were in poor repair.

Inspectors also had 12 swabs test positive for Listeria, including 11 matching the outbreak strain.

The FDA has revoked the registration for Roos Foods after finding that “there was a reasonable probability of food manufactured, processed, packed, or held by Roos Foods causing serious adverse health consequences or death to humans.”

Roos Foods Cheese Recall

Roos Foods is recalling all lots and all product sizes of cheese, butter, and sour cream. The recall was initiated in February and expanded in March. The products were packaged in clear plastic wrap, Styrofoam trays, vacuum-sealed packages, or plastic tubs.

Mexicana, Amigo, Santa Rosa de Lima, or Anita brands of:

  • Cuajada En Terron
  • Cuajada/Cuajadita Cacer
  • Cuajada Fresca
  • Queso Fresco Round
  • Queso Cojito Molido
  • Queso Duro Blanco (hard cheese)
  • Queso Duro Viejo (hard cheeses)
  • Requeson
  • Queso de Huerta
  • Quesco Fresco

Recall also includes all lots of sour cream and butter products:

  • Santa Rosa de Lima Crema Salvadorena Cultured Sour Cream
  • Santa Rosa de Lima Mantequilla de Bolsa Tradicion Centroamericana
  • Crema Pura Mexicana Cultured Sour Cream
  • La Chapina Crema Guatemalteca Guatemalan Style Cream
  • Amigo Brand Crema Centroamericana Cultured Sour Cream

What is Listeria?

Listeria monocytogenes is a type of bacteria that can contaminate ready-to-eat foods and grow in refrigerator temperatures (40ºF). It spreads easily in dirty refrigerators, delis, cutting boards, utensils, and hands. Once ingested, it causes Listeriosis, a severe and life-threatening type of food poisoning. The disease is very serious in pregnant women, who are likely to have a miscarriage, stillbirth, premature labor, or other life-threatening complication for an unborn baby.

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