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Home Elevators Pose Hidden Deadly Risk to Kids

Home Elevators Pose Hidden Deadly Risk to Kids

January 12, 2022 — Three manufacturers have recalled 69,000 home elevators to install safety features that will prevent a deadly hidden risk to children.

The problem with the recalled elevators is that children can get trapped between the elevator’s inner accordion-style door and the exterior door (which typically looks like another door in the house).

If the elevator moves to another floor, the trapped child can be seriously injured or suffer a horrific death when they are crushed by the cab.

The manufacturers of the recalled elevators said they will provide a space guard that will fill the gap and prevent children from becoming trapped.

According to the CPSC Safety Warning:

“Three children were entrapped in this way during the summer of 2021, with one seven-year-old boy suffering fatal injuries in an elevator at a vacation rental home in North Carolina. In some incidents, children have suffered multiple skull fractures, fractured vertebrae, traumatic asphyxia and other horrific and lifelong injuries.”

The recall involves elevators from three manufacturers, including:

  • Bella Elevator: Sold from 2009 to 2021. The models include Symmetry IGD, Hydraulic, and Winding Drum Elevators.
  • Inclinator Company of America: Sold from January 1979 to December 2021. The models include Winding Drum (450 – 1,000 lb.), Hydraulic Drive, Chain Drive, Traction Drive and Overhead Cable Drum.
  • Savaria Corporation: Savaria and Garaventa Home Elevators — Sold from 1999 through 2021. The models include Eclipse, Infinity, Kwiklift, MR and HR.

Another company — Otis Elevator — previously recalled about 5,000 home elevators to fix the same deadly hazard.

Not all elevator companies have quickly complied with the CPSC. Last year, the CPSC filed a lawsuit against ThyssenKrupp, demanding that the company issue a recall.

Owners are being asked to keep unsupervised young children away from the recalled home elevators and contact the manufacturers for instructions on how to measure for space guards to correct any hazardous gap. Space guards will be provided free of charge and assistance with space guard installation will be provided on request.

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