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Palmer Candy Recalls 29 White-Coated Candies for Salmonella Risk

Palmer Candy Recalls 29 White-Coated Candies for Salmonella Risk

May 7, 2024 — Palmer Candy has recalled 29 white-coated candies, pretzels, cookies and other items because they may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria.

No illnesses were reported, but Palmer Candy said its liquid white-coating supplier notified them that an ingredient could pose a risk of food poisoning with Salmonella.

The treats were sold under many brand-names, including Palmer, Freshness Guaranteed, Sweet Smiles, Snackin’ With The Crew, Casey’s, Sconza Chocolates, Favorite Day Bakery, Sunny Select, Urge!, Kwik Trip Inc.

The recalled treats were sold nationwide at Walmart, HyVee, Target, and Dollar General. They were also sent to distributors located in Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

The following products are affected by the recall:

  • Caramel Swirl Pretzels 4-ounce 12/28/2024
  • Caramel Swirl Pretzels 6 -ounce 12/19/2024 and 01/19/2025
  • Classic Yogurt Pretzels 28# 12/11/2024 – 01/08/2025
  • Cookies & Cream Yummy Chow 14# 12/06/2024 – 01/08/2025
  • Enrobed Pretzels Rods 8-ounce 01/22/2025
  • Favorite Day Bakery White Funde Mini Cookies 7-ounce 04/04/2025, 04/05/2025 and 04/18/2025
  • Frosted Munchy Medley Bowl 15-ounce 01/03/2025
  • Frosted Patriot Frosted Pretzels 28# 01/02/2025 and 01/03/2025
  • Frosted Pretzels 6-ounce 01/23/2025
  • Munchy Medley 15# 12/14/2024 and 01/03/2025
  • Munchy Medley 4-ounce 12/27/2024, 12/28/2024 and 01/19/2025
  • Munchy Medley 6-ounce 12/20/2024
  • Munchy Medley To Go 4-ounce 12/25/2024 and 01/19/2025
  • Patriotic Munchy Medley Bowl 15-ounce 01/19/2025
  • Patriotic Pretzels 14-ounce 01/25/2025 and 01/26/2025
  • Patriotic Pretzels 6-ounce 01/19/2025
  • Patriotic Red, White & Blue Pretzel Twists 14-ounce 12/13/2024 and 01/15/2025
  • Patriotic Snack Mix 13-ounce 01/19/2025 and 02/01/2025
  • Patriotic White Fudge Cookies 7-ounce 04/23/2025
  • Peanut Butter Snack Mix 12-ounce 11/13/2024 and 12/15/2024
  • Peanut Butter Snack Mix To Go 4.5-ounce 01/18/2025
  • Snackin’ With The Crew! Mizzou Munchy Medley 7-ounce 12/18/2024 and 12/19/2024
  • Snackin’ With The Crew! Tiger Treats 7-ounce 12/18/2024 and 12/19/2024
  • Star Snacks Chow Down 25# 12/06/2024 and 12/07/2024
  • Strawberry Yogurt Coated Pretzels 10-ounce 01/05/2025 and 01/23/2025
  • Sweet Smiles Yogurt Covered Pretzels 3.25-ounce 12/18/2024 – 01/04/2025
  • Vanilla Yogurt Covered Pretzels 10-ounce 01/05/2024 and 01/22/2025
  • Yogurt Pretzel 14# 12/14/2024 – 12/21/2024
  • Zebra Fudge Cookies 7-ounce 03/13/2025, 04/01/2025 – 04/02/2025

People who are infected with Salmonella may experience abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting for about a week. Infections can cause severe complications, such as bloodstream infections, arterial infections (i.e., infected aneurysms), endocarditis and arthritis.

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